Beneath the wind

I feel like I’m drowning

There’s no air

Pressure against my chest I couldn’t bare

To look upon the horizon

Seeing nothing but love in the air

The light to my world turned off like a switch

Seeing nothing no more

Feeling like there’s no air

Put a smile on my face like everything is ok

She sat in silence looking deep into your eyes

Yet you just ignored her while her life flashed before her eyes

You were too late

You did nothing

You could’ve taken her pain away yet you caused it

You didn’t know something so small could damage the other person

-Julissa A

Inner hope

Within my heart I have hope

I fear someday you’ll go away

I can feel your presence fade

Seems like it’s the same thing

Just a different day

I don’t know if my heart could take the shame

It seems like the light from the sky

Vanished before my eyes

I cried for help from beneath the skies

But not a soul could hear me and only they thought I told lies

A soul so pure so kind , can’t take the pain

From a broken guy . As we might ever part ways I just hope and pray someday you’ll see my love never faded away .

Till then my love we shall see if your love for me is what it seems either joy of love or poisoning me

Only time shall expose what’s the truth holds .

-inner me by Julissa A .